Bronze Sculpture  by  Linda Serrao

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Quarterback Football Player
Life size bronze sculpture of a Star Quarterback Football Player.

Artist Statement:

Figurative bronze sculptures are my passion,
and life size bronze portraits are my specialty. 
My bronze sculptures are figurative and realistic,
meant to capture a moment in time
and to reflect our relationships
to other peoples, other creatures,
and to the environment which we all share.
Beauty comes in many forms
in the world around us---
in people of all sizes, sexes,
colors, ages, and cultures,
in animals both familiar and unusual,
and in creatures both real and imagined. 
I use this rich variety to create unique,
intimate,  representational bronze portraits.
I believe that art should reveal
a little about the times and values
in which it is created,
and I strive to subtly imply
a symbol or story or situation
within my lifelike bronze figures.

         All bronze sculptures are of the highest quality in execution and finish,
            suitable for indoor or outdoor situations where exposure and human interaction
            are factors.  Bronze is our only truly permanent art form,
            tolerating the ravages of time, weather, and indifferent handling. 
            Traditional bronze sculptures like mine will be our enduring legacy,
            largely determining how future generations remember us. 
            I recognize my responsibility as an artist in creating for the future,
            and I work to make my bronze sculptures an accurate, informative, and beautiful reflection of our times.

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